Monday, September 01, 2014
  • A much needed boost

    Well that improved the mood didn’t it? Charlie Austin’s first top flight goal gave us our first win this season and all of a sudden things look a little rosier in QPR land. Read More
  • Ready to go again?

    We are just days away from another season, one where we find ourselves back in the top flight looking to avoid dropping back out once again. This time around though things feel like they might be a little bit different. Don’t they? Read More
  • Around the web | Pre-season optimism abounds

    The Premier League - everyone has an opinion don’t they? Now we’re back in it we’re part of the debate. Here’s a look around the web to see how journo’s and pundits alike are thinking our season is likely to pan out. Read More
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It’s good to be back

Following my extended break it’s time to slowly turn the QPRnet switch back to “on”.

Things have been very quiet on here as I took an extended break to get ready for, have and enjoy and then relax after, my wedding. Now life is getting back to normal and I’m ready to get things some things moving on here again.

First a new season of Fantasy Rangers will kick off in the coming days. We will open the competition next week soon after the transfer window has closed. That will give you all pretty much a full squad to choose from and the best part of two weeks to think about and submit your teams before QPR player again.

We will also have a new interview online in around week, this is with someone I’ve wanted to speak to for a long time, and we are trying hard to track down other names to speak to as well.

I’m also hoping to play with some video content over the course of the season and we have a new site look coming soon so whilst this will never be a “news” site again (match reports and previews are just not possible for us anymore) we will have some good content to keep you entertained.

That said if you feel you could contribute to QPRnet with articles or features of your own and would like to get involved then please feel free to get in touch by email, we are always happy to hear from you.

It’s good to be back!







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