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QPR Match Prediction Competition 2016/17 – Match 40 Results

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QPR Match Prediction Competition 2016/17 – Match 40 Results

Postby northwesthoop » Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:57 pm

Me still waiting for the baby means you don't have to wait for your results! After a low scoring round at the weekend it was a night of big scores with big impacts!

Ghost, ashqpr and ranger-boy were the trio celebrating in defeat as the only 3 players to go for 1-0 to Villa - but a whole host of other players at least bagged 3 points for still predicting the Villa win.

It's actually easier to list who DID NOT get Kodjia as first scorer - kingfisher, pamment8, qprallan, QpRsmith and SydneyR were the only players not plumping for the inevitable! Well done to everybody else!

pamment8, singlespeed and myself got the early goal time

Only single bonus points were awarded to those who predicted a Derby win as nobody got the 4-2 scoreline.

It was the first time all season that singlespeed predicted the correct first scorer in the 40th match but it could not have been better timed - 13 points overall move singlespeed not only out of the bottom 3 but all the way up to 15th. singlespeed is the last player to get a first scorer correct but he won't mind tonight!

It is qprallan who slips into the bottom 3 after only scoring a single point. Nights like tonight when scores of 9+ are widespread are especially costly for those who don't pick up many points. qprallan goes from 17th to now being 6 points from safety.

Varc and jimjams chose the wrong match to forget to enter and they both slip into trouble but the wooden spoon fight has been so ferocious in recent weeks with it chopping and changing that anybody from QpRsmith down is still in danger of ending up 19th.

At the other end of the table I have cut e17hoop's lead at the top back down to 3 points from 7 last time out. Ghost is back into the top 3 ahead of MCM Hoop but on goal difference only. Both Ghost and MCM Hoop are still title contenders but they need to score big when the top 2 slip up at some point to muscle their way back in with just 6 games to go.

Elsewhere the fight for 5th has got even closer with QPRBex, LurkR, surrey chad and Rosco Bosco all split by just 1 point.

ranger-boy was equal top scorer with singlespeed bagging his seasons high 13 points to jump from 14th to 10th, easing any wooden spoon fears. ranger-boy makes up a mid table group alongside kingfisher and pamment8 who are looking safe from the bottom but possibly too far from challenging anywhere near the top, echoing the end of season facing QPR!

Please don't forget we play again on FRIDAY so enter now if in doubt!

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Re: QPR Match Prediction Competition 2016/17 – Match 40 Resu

Postby singlespeed » Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:38 pm

I'll battling all the way to the end of the season
I thought I was heading for the wooden spoon but now I'm looking for midtable
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