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Postby northwesthoop » Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:29 pm

Thank you for your report above kingfisher, a good read for those of us unable to see/hear the game.

You highlighted the poor performance of Luongo and he really blows hot and cold, no consistency and still no goals.

I just read some nutters in China are looking at him for £5 million. We should bite their hand off, he has potential still but isn't worth that.
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Postby surrey chad » Mon Jan 30, 2017 7:01 pm

kingfisher wrote:Before I start with thoughts on the game - Happy Birthday Single!

I am certainly beginning to think my attendance is the kiss of death for the club....although have to say that Ollie has to take some of the blame too! I understand his desire to rest Mackie and give Lualua a full run but, when Lualua and Furlong were still finding their positions, to give a full game to Doughty too was a big mistake. The guy sitting next to me was convinced he was overweight, which might explain his lack of movement at times, but I felt he was struggling to know where he fitted in and finding the Championship pace a little bewildering. Shame as there is a good player in there...

Their first goal was achieved from having a player on the edge of the goal area able to take advantage of a poor clearance, something QPR have themselves failed to do on so many occasions.... It was a good goal and cannot really blame the back 4. In fact it was painful at times to see Bidwell pushing forward in support, only to have none when two Burton players roamed forwards. It should have been Lualua and Doughty supporting....

Now that would have been bad enough but Luongo had a dreadful game, and there was no international duty to blame this time. So often his distribution was poor and his tackling was wild. In fact the midfield hardly ever hunted together for the ball. Perhaps Lualua & Doughty missed that training session? Replacing Hall after the first goal with Washington gave a strong presence up front but left a poor midfield bereft of quality, and probably contributed to Burton's second goal. Even Smithies was making mistakes now...

It wasn't until the 74th minute that manning was finally introduced instead of Doughty (he had been stripped off for ages it seemed), but at least that was a 'like-for-like' change. You cannot say removing Bidwell in the 87th minutes for Mackie was fair to either the defence or Jamie Mackie. Why not take off Lualua or even Luongo!?

POSITIVES: Well there were some. Sylla and Washington combined well, although Sylla's footwork was poor (far better with head); and Washington's first touches were good and his persistence got him a deserved goal. Wzsolek was another positive, as he successfully ran them ragged down the right wing (whereas Lualua reminded me of SWP - too many taken on when a pass was a better option). Furlong and Doughty both made good forward passes; and Lynch & Onuhoa pushed forward with the ball.

Someone commented as we left that QPR always seem to do better against the higher clubs. Hope so as Newcastle beckons... :shock:

I would pretty much agree with all of the above, Doughty stopped tracking his payer back and gave them free reign to run down to cross the ball for their frst goal. Doughty really looks off the pace and carrying far to much weight in my opinion and needs to get fitter if he is to have any chance.

Before I saw the team I was expecting the same starting 11 and with that team we would have won easily as Burton really are a nothing team. When the 11 was announced I wanted to change my prediction as we lost all forward movement as well as the ability to defend from the front. I bet Mackie and Manning must have been scratching their heads as to why they were on the bench.

I like Hall where he is playing but his distribution needs to improve dramatically otherwise move him back CB as I think him and Lynch could make a formidable pairing.

Overall is was a poor day at the office and we are going to have to expect that with this team but I am hoping that our new signings will give us the ability to break quicker and be sharper with the passes from defence to striker without the need to go with long balls which seems to be the preferred option far too often.
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