Message Board Closed

Dear all, I'm really sorry to do this in this way however this message board is now closed.

I had intended to announce this week that I would be shutting it down and my plan was to then set a date over the summer when that would happen. Then, a few days ago, fate lent a hand and our database got hit with a problem which took it offline. I've looked into this for a couple of days but the work involved to fix it is substantial and it just isn't worth it to get it back online for a few weeks.

There are various reasons for this decision but it is mostly due to a combination of the work involved to get the forum software up to current spec compared with the limited traffic we now have. Whilst it is sad the time feels right.

All good things come to an end and I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the board in its various guises over the years, and especially the likes of Varc and E17 who tirelessly helped administrate it all these years.

Apologies once again for flicking the switch in this way, if anyone wants to get in touch then you know my email address.




Update 6th June 2017

northwesthoop has set up a new messageboard so if you want to stay in touch with the old gang, continue discussions and play his prediction competition you can jump across to the link below and sign up.